Monday, June 28, 2004

The world is full of super duper smart people. But none are as smart as the guys from Drinks Union. They have created, and I swear to my mom that I'm not making this up, a marijuana flavored liquor. Sign me up. Seriously. Way for those guys to figure out the secrets to high school sex. Cheap liquor and stuff that smells and tastes like marijuana (although sometimes questionable). Makes me think of high school.
Send me a bottle. I hope it'll remind me of the long nights of drunk, stoned sex.

Speaking of sex...Edy's Dreamery Ice Cream is better than sex. Their Tiramisu, Deep Dish Apple Pie and Black Raspberry Avalanche flavors have made me forget entirely about sex. Ok. Well they atleast distracted me for awhile. Seriously though, the shit is fucking awesome. It is now my goal to try every flavor. And if somehow, I can manage to combine the eating of this icecream with some good sex, I'd be one happy bitch.

Speaking of sex...(Yes. I know I just used this segway. But it's a good one, don't you think?) I just acquired three CDs, that amazingly, would make excellent CD's to bump uglies to. Aerosmith "Honkin On Bobo", Jet "Get Born", and The Spiderman 2 Soundtrack (No, I'm not kidding) are all excellent for getting naked and gettin laid. Throw in a White Zombie CD and Godsmack's "The Other Side" and Happy Humping, folks.

Throw in icecream, and I might show up.

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