Sunday, June 27, 2004

I'm sure you've all read the tabloids and heard the story by now. Mary Kate Olsen is anorexic.
Shock. Gasp. Why, it can't be! Cause she hasn't LOOKED it, or anything. I've considered the same, seeing as my ass is growing to massive proportions every time I look at a morsel of food.
Before I forget, pick up a copy of Honkin On Bobo, by Aerosmith. It's the good, old school bluesy Aerosmith that people who hopped on the train BEFORE songs like "Crazy" came out, will love.
Sorry such a short, boring post. I have to go do some Pilates before I turn into one big walking mountain of fat.
On that note, I'll leave my female readers with this. The Hottest Male Bachelors. Just don't get any ideas...they all love me.

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