Sunday, November 07, 2010

I think I start every update with the phrase 'I know it's been forever, but I'll be better about updating this".

But this time I really mean it.

It's been a crazy, crazy few months.

Since a dear friend passed away, I haven't really had much to say. The hilarious stories, anecdotes and all the other bullshit seem sort of pointless and trivial without her here to laugh with us. She was like a little sister to all of us, and as the holiday season approaches it becomes more and more apparent how not OK we all really are. Christmas is going to be brutal to say the least.

What do you even say about that? She was always there, so we took it for granted that she always would be? Everyone says things will get better, but every day when I wake up there's a brief moment when everything in the world is fine. Then I remember that she's not here, and it occurs to me that things might be OK again someday, but they'll never be back to normal.

It'll never be the same.

Makes it hard to find things to write about.

On a good note, I got to stand up in my HLM's wedding to another friend of mine. She looked stunning, and in the process I learned a few things. Here they are, in no particular order:
1. I look bangin in a bridesmaid's dress.
2. Maid of Honor duties require a lot of crying
3. My best friend Shawn and I can actually spend extended periods of time around each other without there being bloodshed, provided one of us is asleep.

It was a gorgeous wedding, and I'm so glad I got to be there.

In other news, you can now see some of my writing on Outblush.
I'll be doing the occasional Personal Shopper post, as well as the occasional look-at-how-awesome-this-is post. Mostly, I'll be reviewing video games. Yep, how awesome is that?!
Next one will be Assassins Creed Brotherhood.

Hot Italian Guy with Sleevy Knives? I'm so fucking in.

I also might have another gig at another huge website, but I'm still hashing out those details.

Stay tuned.