Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Sorry. I know it's been a few weeks, my bad. I've been at work, slaving away at beaches, amusement parks, museums, movies and the like. When I grow up, I might have to get a real job.
Since I'm too lazy to give you a real post, I'll give you an Old School Timekiller-esque post.

Number of themeparks I've visited in the last week of work: 4

Best CD to lay by the beach and listen to: Commitment, by Lucky Boys Confusion. Songs about Jane by Maroon 5 is a close second.

Number of rumors that I'm getting promoted: 7

Number of times I've ruined that by calling my supervisor a sweat-pant wearing nappy haired bitch: 1

Song stuck in my head: Dammit by Blink 182

Bottles of Vodka consumed with ex boyfriends since summer vacation began: 2 1/2.

Number of family members I've "killed off" so I can get a day off work: 1 (But it's technically not lying, she did die. It just happened that it was about 6 years ago).

Number of cruises my sister got to take with her boyfriend: 2.

Number of cruises I've gotten to take, period: 0. (someone needs to fix this.)

Number of waterpark slides I've gone down: Roughly 2 million.

Number of waterpark slides I've gone down with a wedgie, thus baring my big white ass to the entire park: About 700.

Number of kids I had to save from drowning: 3.

Number of kids I wanted to save from drowning: 2.

Number of days spent so sunburnt I couldn't wear a bra: 15.

God I love summer vacation. If only I could add a tally of "number of drunken nights with Chris".
Hint hint.

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