Monday, December 19, 2005

I know it's been awhile.
I haven't had much to say, really.

I got a B on my senior thesis thingy. Yay.
Got my heart broken into a million pieces on Thanksgiving, which is my main reason for not posting.

He still wants to be friends, and anything I would say would ruin that.
But I'm trying.
It's just not easy to switch it on and off.

I wish he wouldn't read this. He will anyway.
He never listened very well.

"Maybe sometime in the future...".
And I know there are other guys. They all try to take me out.
I don't want them. I've tried.
None of them know how many olives I like on my Subway sandwiches.
Or which side of the bed I sleep on.
Or think its funny that I'm clumsy and kiss my owies.

I wish he'd stop reading this now. Again, with the not listening.
70/30 We work it out. Someday. Before I die. Maybe.
Like a horse race.
I'd rather play poker. Better odds.

I've been sick. The Prednisone isn't helping my emotional state.
I think I stole Seriously's writing style.
He does it better.
I'll give it back to him when I'm done using it.
It's not stealing if I give it back. I'm borrowing
I think I borrowed Seriously's writing style.
Not even borrowed. Butchered.

If there's another girl she's lucky.
Stupid other girls being luckier than me.
Stupid being illegal to run them over with the car.
More than once.
Makes it hard to look like an accident.
Lucky girl won't ever squeak as good as me.
My yawn will still be the cutest.

I'm super far behind in my classes now.
Can't focus.
It'll pass.
All of it will pass.
Still waiting for it assholes.

Anytime now would be great.