Monday, June 28, 2004

I just found a quiz off of Quizilla, "Are you a good boyfriend". It's a step by step guide to how to get rid of those pesky things like self respect, pride and equality. Here, I present the quiz, with the correct answers as I see them.

1)Ok..Your girl wants to go to a fancy dinner, but your really short on cash, what do you do?
a)Call all your friends and beg them for money, hey they should give in, right?
b)Tell your girl you could do that next week and instead cook dinner at home and watch a movie with her
c)Tell her you don't have the cash and take her to Mickey D's instead
d)Tell her you wouldn't take her to a fancy dinner weather you had money or not
Correct Answer: Tell her to enjoy herself, and to call you when she gets back, and ask her where she got the money to take herself out like that, because you know its goddamn expensive and that's why you're broke.

2)Your girl invites you too her parents house (classic right) and you had plans with your friends the same night, what would you do?
a)Tell her that your brother was stopping by later, and hope that she believes it
b)Tell your friends about your girl and her parents. If they were your REAL friends they would understand
c)Go out with your friends, but stop by at her parents house after the party got started
d)Tell her that you don't like her parents at all and go out with your friends anyways.
Correct Answer: Stop by her parents house. Her mom might be a MILF, and missing out on that is simply unacceptable. If mom is ugly, fake the stomach flu and go master your kegstand with the boys.

3)It is your girl's birthday, and she wants something nice, this is your first time shopping for her, and she didn't tell you what she wants..What do you get her?
a)A teddy bear, she couldn't refuse!!
b)Run out and just get her a card, then you could maybe put a twent in the card or something
c)Don't get her anything, and explain to her that you didn't know
d)Look though her room and find her ring size, then go out and buy her the best gold ring you can buy (and afford)
Correct Answer: Buy her a keg of beer, a few video games and some movies involving a lot of explosions with very little plot. Most likely (unless she's me), she'll hate it and give you a fucking idea next time, and you will be ahead a few video games, some beer and a movie or two.

4)Your girl really wants to see a movie, but when you get there you can't decide which one you want (she is a comedy and lets say your an action, and no movie there is a combo of the two)?
a)Just go with her choice...Sit back, buy a big bucket of popcorn, and try to act like your enjoying it
b)Put up a fight!! You have a right to see YOUR movie!
c)Just let her go to her movie, alone. You'll walk around or take a drive somewhere
d)Flip a coin, hey that SHOULD be fair, right?
Correct Answer: If this is the same bitch we were talking about before, tell the bitch she has no choice. Apparently, you're paying for everything anyway, the last thing you should have to suffer through is another estrogen fest. Tell the bitch that you are seeing aliens of Doom XXVII, and that's that. Now go get me some popcorn.

5)Its your class reunion, and on the invite it says you could bring family/friends. You think about taking your girl, but then you remember the hottie you met way back when. What do you do?
a)Don't take anyone, if your lucky, that ol' hottie will like you back,
b)Take your girl but have her sit in the back while you try to socialize.
c)Take your girl, but then have her leave early so you still have time to find the old girl of your dreams
d)Take her and totally ingore that old flame!!
Correct Answer: Take her. While there, get her sloshed and introduce her to the hottie. With everything you've bought this chick, the least she owes you is some girl on girl action with a cutie. Bring a camera.

5)Your girl just got a brand new job, one that she's real proud of..what do you do to celebrate?
a)Not do anything, like they say, don't have too much of a good thing
b)Throw a small party with just you and her.
c)Get a HUGE surprise party for her when she comes home, she totally deserves it!!
d)Have her take YOU out, hey, she's the one with the new job!!
Correct Answer: Quit your job and let her support you for awhile. After all the shit you've bought her during this quiz, you deserve a break.

Apparently, I wouldn't make a good boyfriend. But I have been told due to my answers, I might be the perfect girlfriend.

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