Sunday, December 10, 2006

There are some things in life that just suck.
Money problems are definitely one of them.

However, money problems when you are stuck in a whirling vortex of stupidity is another topic altogether.

I'm holding my eviction notice. I've discussed this with her. My car broke, I had to get it fixed, I get paid, here's a post dated check, seriously.

Apparently she forgot to take her meds. Basically gave me a "give me money or your out" speech. So unless my donation box blows the fuck up I find myself in quite a spot.

There was the towing of cars. That was fun too! Parked illegally, my ass.

But the one thing that really set me off in this entire cluster fuck of retardation was the people at Pearle Vision. As far as being the most incompetent, difficult people to work with these dillholes win hands fucking down.

After the first incident with the contacts, I still haven't gotten them. These people have had my money since before Thanksgiving. I've been nerding it up in glasses that make me look like I should be wearing a black hoodie and writing poetry about how my parents didn't hug me enough since two weeks before Thanksgiving.

They finally called and told me that the trials were in. Great! Then I was stupid, and decided to see how the rest of the order was coming along.

"How long until the boxes get here."

"Oh, we haven't ordered them yet".

If I could've reached through the phone and strangled the life out of this worthless vagina, I would have. I somehow managed to keep my composure and ask her why.

"What if you don't like them?"

So I bit the bullet and told her that I was done. I was done with this mess, I was done with them cancel the order, I want a refund.

Then this lady said the one thing that spun me into a level of pissed off that I have never been or will ever be again.

She got very quiet, and simply said, "Nope".

Nope. Nope was her answer.

I am a world class bitcher. I spend my work day on a telephone. I have a response to every objection, every statement, everything, and I had absolutely nothing to say back. This bitch had rendered me absolutely speechless.

She proceeded to tell me about the contracts that they had with the companies that apparently are more important than the one she entered into with me when I gave them my money. But she was kind enough to offer me a receipt for contacts I haven't received so I could submit it to my insurance.

For some reason, I felt the need to ask.
What if I liked the new contacts, the order is still placed for the old ones...

"Oh, we can just cancel that one"

"But you can't cancel it and give me my money back"


Never has a single word infuriated me so much.

So, fuck you Pearle Vision.

Fuck you for making my financial situation worse than it already is for charging me for something that I never received.

Fuck you for your shitty customer service.

Fuck you for your inability to get my address right after the 4th time I requested you change it.

And fuck you for telling me to calm down. I'm broke, I'm being evicted, and I'm stuck in emo glasses. So unless I find a donation in that box for enough to solve my problems, you can tell me to calm down all you want.

My response to you?



Debra said...

Ouch. And Jesus fucking Christ! How have you not caused the slaughter of numerous incompetent idiots with all of this bullshit? I don't even know what to say besides the multitude of expletives that are stumbling out of my mouth.

I had come over to invite you to take place in a little game and ask if you wanted to join the Sexy Tomatoes blog but I am rendered kind of speechless.

Of course you're still being invited to join us... just let me know and I will send you an invite.

Chells said...

The kicker is that usually you have no recourse, unless you manage to get the right person on the phone at a higher level to be so sorry and kiss your ass and offer $thing as a way to make it up to you.

Oh and hi. Reader since I was given the 50 Things link.

Puzzlehead said...

But I already donated. So calm down.

Puzzlehead said...

But I already donated. So calm down.

JustSumDude said...

OMG! Double comment!

JustSumDude said...

OMG! Double comment!