Monday, December 18, 2006

Guess what folks?

It's FHM day!

I'd like to celebrate, but unlike you lazy fuckers, some of us have to work.

So I give you my current favorite insult that has been thrown my way, from

"Tweaker chick comes across as so insanely competitive with and derisive of other women that she'd let you do her with a wiffle ball bat for two bong hits and being told how much cooler than your last girlfriend she is."

God damn you people.

If you're going to insult me, get it right.
It's T-W-E-E-K-E-R and it's spelled C-L-A-R-E.

No "I".

A quick edit:
I've read my comments. Its awesome that you all are so supportive! The reason I posted the comment was not to rip on anyone (but feel free, you are all doing a superb job), but simply because it made me laugh. Outloud.


Valentina said...

Who cares about those dumbass emo dykes from suicide girls. Clare you rule !!! and everything you say it's so right I love your blog

Debra said...

haha It's pretty funny though. When people are jealous enough, they get rather creative (and sometimes decidedly uncreative) with their insults.

LeisureSuitL said...

You're still my hero. Jealous emo girls are losers.

Anonymous said...

It's funny about those SG chicks. They look nice, but they've got that LOOK. Guys know what I'm talking about. The LOOK women get, a kind of smugness mixed with laziness, that tells you this chick is not going to go the distance to make your dreams come true, pal. Get. Out. Now. They look too satisfied. They don't have that crazy need that tells a guy this is going to be a good date. Some women look the part, but don't even know they can't play it.

Mike D said...

that is one of the most lame and juvenile insults i have heard in a long while, and i work around kids. they must feel their femininity is threatened.

rob said...

welll.... :-))))

sincere compliments, my dear .... :-)

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be nice that if somebody is going to insult you, that they would at least have the decency to get your name right.


congrats on FHM!

Sean said...

The "I" in Clare is probably wishful thinking.

I am...pretty lame.

JustSumDude said...

I like cheese.

Anonymous said...

To be honest it is always funny to see people who criticize someone about something a) they can not accomplish b) they are too afraid to do. Those sorry excuses for a human being who think they are so goth they'd shit bats, and so emo they cut their wrists to the rythm of their new linking park / tokio hotel mixtape while crying in the corner got shit on you Clare.

You act natural and say what is on your mind, on the other hand they live from showing their bodies on a webpage and they try to act all high and mighty, 'holier than thou' when it comes to sexuality? They must have suffered severe brain damage, or they are simply retarded. Hookers preaching? Please...

Clare, you rock.

ryan said...

i have enough penis for both of us