Thursday, December 07, 2006

So this entire thing has been a little bit ridiculous.
It's great!
I've had over 150,000 hits to this little thing since someone discovered my list.
A quick thanks to everyone except for my landlord who can take her eviction notice and cram it up her ass.

Every day when I get in the office, I do the same thing. I throw my coat across the back of my chair, open up a few million internet browsers and pretend to work while I read my horoscope.

Here's my horoscope for today sent to me from MSN.
Success in a creative field, and possible acknowledgment from the public, could be coming your way, Clare. Close friends and romantic partners are likely to be very happy for you, and might even schedule a little celebration of some kind. Phone calls sending congratulations may come from distant states or even foreign countries. This is likely to be something you've been working towards for a long time, so relax and enjoy it.

I think they are stalking me because it looks like my list is going to wind up in FHM.

I suggest you all look for it around the 18th. Fly over seas if you have to, because this is pretty fucking cool!


ryan said...

you are so awesome. i envy you. are they going to send you a copy of the magazine so you can frame it? i hope so. you deserve to be treated like a princess!

Debra said...

FHM? Dude, that would fucking rock!

The Man of your Dreams said...

Congo Rats on the FHM article hotstuff!

pyrrhic said...

hahaha! Astrology comes up with the goods. Congrats!

Sean said...

Geez, I turn my back for a week and you go and get famous.

Now that you've made it big, Clare, will you still remember me?

Sean said...

Oh wow, that made me sound kind of stalkerish, and you weren't supposed to know that about me.