Thursday, June 11, 2009

Well shit!

I was having a bad day and being all crabby and bitchy, because it's what I do.

Some people paint, others sing, I bitch about random shit.

But Brian Smith, (Not Bryant!) ruined that. Because that's what he does, he's a ruiner. He ruined a perfectly good bad mood.

Nothing like sitting around and getting a text message of "I just saw your blog on TV".
Which generally means one of two things: The FBI is looking for me or...ok fine, it only means one thing.

Turns out Brian got me an early birthday present and got me
And, in a tribute to the greatest song ever made, he also got me

Yea, he's hard to love sometimes.

Anyway, the show is pretty bad ass. This particular one is how to break out of police grade handcuffs. Not that I'd ever know anything about that or ever have any use for that particular skill stop looking at me that way.

If you want to skip to awesome check out the 7 minute mark, but I'm putting the entire thing because if you're reading my blog, chances are the info will come in handy.

By far one of the coolest things that's happened to me.

I've got some seriously awesome friends.

Thanks Brian, you're the best.

Now I have all this extra energy to write that book (FINE. Find and agent and write a book, rub it in), and hopefully get back to work at Tame The Bear!

While you're here, check out Blood Guts and Shiny Things. I've really been digging it lately.


LostLocalHost said...

You remember the deal? has to stay up the whole year! =)

Bartski said...

Brandon and I were talking about you Wednesday. He told me all your secrets (well, the 3 he knows...and they were juicy).

Oh, also, you have a typo in this entry: "Find and agent". Better clean it up just in case any publishers out there are scrutinizing your stuff...

You need to forward your domain to the bigbooty domain name so all 3 domain names redirect you to that site name. It's all kinds of awesome.

Clare said...

He knows my secrets?

I knew I should've killed him.