Friday, October 24, 2008

Life has been interesting lately, I know I haven't been around. 
I need to find a new part time job (layoffs),  I've been sick, and a few minutes ago my boyfriend decided to dump me.

Awesome timing. 

It's partially my fault: I'm busy all the time lately and I've not had time for myself, not to mention anyone else. 

I'll give him props, it was one of the more creative breakup speeches I've ever heard. He's not blaming me but he's not taking any responsibility for himself. That works, I suppose. 

Maybe it was one of those things, maybe we are better off as friends and instead of dealing with that I subconciously acted like an asshole. 

But I can't get too upset I suppose. Sometimes life sucks. 

I just wish he'd stop being salty about it. 

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Mark said...

I’m severely disappointed that I waited 2months for a post and all I get is some depressing news. Go kick him in the balls use that witty humor of yours and put him in his place. Then after all is said and done you can post a glamorized version in which you insert all the brilliant things you should have said, take out the part where you start sobbing like a baby, and post a quality story for us. Don’t worry though I forgive you this time. Don’t let it happen again though