Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm penning a longer post for today, but you might notice I had to change the format for the comments. Nothing major, you now have to be logged in to leave comments. 

Yea, I'm not a fan either.

However, I've had some problems the past few months with some harassment, and what the authorities refer to as "stalking". Hopefully I'll be able to loosen the reigns again soon, because I hate to stifle the voices that like to tell me that I'm wrong.

That being said, if the situation doesn't clear up, the next step is to moderate all comments, which is something I want to avoid. Mostly because I've never deleted a comment that painted me in a bad light, and I don't feel like dealing with those accusations now. 

That and it's a whole lot of fucking work I just don't want to deal with. 


surviving myself said...

I'm sorry I stalked you. I promise I'll stop. Starting.......... Now.

Okay, no.

How about next month?

Bartski said...

You're really talking about me, aren't you? Was it the Big Rich story?