Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Life has gotten slightly weird.

I find myself getting a lot of attention that I can't handle by myself.

I simply don't have the time to respond to 300 some comments about why I'm a whore.

So, I am creating a new policy.

Comment away, I encourage it. But because I can't respond to every post, I'm leaving Angry Ken in charge of dealing with ruffled feathers.

Simply because he's such a sweet guy.

Keep commenting, and emailing me though. I love hearing from you guys!


Angry Ken said...

That's right. I am the TweekerChick's personal enforcer. So if you have something negative to say and she doesn't feel like dealing with your shit, then I will. But chances are you will be pissed off at me for something anyway. So bring it on!

Angry Ken said...

Jenny said...

thank god people like you write blogs like yours to add a bit of amusement to my mundane daily routine. all the people who call you a whore for calling it like it is can go to hell. i think you kick ass.

juanito said...

dont worry sugar theres people like me that think you are awsome