Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I am so homesick that it's sad.

So I called my friend Jayme to let her know what's going on in my world.

Me: I miss you guys.
Jayme: Why?
Me: I just do
Jayme: Well, Deannes a bitch, I think Shawn is gay and I'm a little bit off.
Me: I still miss you though.
Jayme: How sweet, I think I might puke.
Me: Im not sure why I miss you, now.
Jayme: Its cause of your lesbian tendencies
Me: I hate you. I write for FHM now.
Jayme: Seriously?
Me: Yep. Apparently my writing is awesome.
Jayme: For what it's worth, we still think you suck.

God I miss home.


Phife said...

So when is your S&M shoot with FHM?

Mr. Write said...

OH, shit, there's an S&M shoot? Hell, I have a camera and all the essentials. If you want to practice, swing by. ;)

DF said...

ooo, oooo, can i volunteer to be the s part of the s&m shoot?

Anonymous said...


I can't say it publicly... but you should know me well enough to know what those ...'s mean. ;)

And your QCA friends made guest appearances in my dreams last night. Better make sure Shawn's still alive.


Clare said...

I know what those .... mean.

And for the last time, Sarah.

Im flattered but I just don't like you in that way.