Monday, January 23, 2006

Fuck you, retail job.
Fuck you a lot.

I know if most people got a call from work saying "You don't have to come in all week, hours were cut",you'd do a little dance.

That lasted for 30 seconds.

Yay! No work! WOOT!

Then I remembered that I'm broke.


Keep up production, they say.
Keep selling, they say.

Well, now we have nothing to do, so we will cut your hours.


A blind, retarded kid coulda seen that coming.


Sean said...

Being happy about having less hours is a luxery.

Back when I was a pizza boy, they used to "put me on break" when things were slow.

For an hour. I was supposed to just hang around the store and smoke while the managers made fun of me.

It was so cool!

JustSumDude said...

Being broke is for the lames.

I'm so tired of being lame. Hope you are less lame soon!