Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I hate money.
I really do.
I hate money because I don't have it. When I do get it, everyone else wants it.
It really is a sucky deal. I won playing poker the other day...$1,300.
It's already gone.
Pay the rent, get some contacts, groceries and car repair, and you're back in the hole.

Maybe communism isn't such a bad idea.

More later, I'm up to my chunky butt in homework.


Rho_ said...

That seems to be the norm for america these days though. More people living check to check.
Communism wouldnt work, to many people would want more stuff than they would get.

I say we go back to bartering.

Sean said...

Let's not play poker.

Unless it's strip, obviously.

I consider 13 hundred some serious scrilla. Although it probably goes farther where I live.