Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I was having such a good day, too.

I love my new job and I love everyone I work with, which is why I am eternally pissed off.

Let me tell you a little story about an iPod.

I've had the same iPod for literally five years. It is full of music from a hard drive that I have sitting in a tower I can't use until I get a new power source, so it's stuff I don't generally have access to at home. Yes, it's my own fault for not fixing this little problem faster.

My iPod is old. It's big and clunky, and as far as iPods go, it's kind of  a dinosaur. It's seen a lot in it's time: college finals, three jobs, two moves, four published magazine articles, about seven different flights and the worst breakup of my life.

It has survived me dropping it in a puddle, accidentally throwing it across a parking lot, and being carried around in my purse with everything else I own. It carried me through numerous workouts, and a broken heart I thought would never heal.

It's old, it's beat up, but I still love it, even if it only holds a charge for about an hour.

Work has been ridiculous lately, so we've been pulling a lot of hours. Thus, the trusty iPod comes out. Somehow, a little heavy metal makes 15 hour days just go faster.

So you can try to imagine the pure joy I felt when I walked into work today and realized it was gone.

Last night I was in such a hurry to go the hell home, I forgot to bring my iPod with me. I left it plugged in, sitting on my desk. Which I admit is my own fault, but we've all accidentally left things at work.

I came in this morning, at 7 in the fucking morning, and found the headphones laying next to the charger, with no iPod in sight.

How thoughtful, they left me the fucking charger and headphones for an iPod they stole.

I hope they needed it more than me. I really do, because there are songs on that thing that are irreplaceable (some from a friend of mine that he sent to me in college. I can't exactly buy that on iTunes).

Obviously, I don't think work is an appropriate place to leave expensive pieces of technology. But I also like to think that we live in a world where if someone was to accidentally forget something at work, it's not considered open season for whoever happens to wander by. I guess I was mistaken. Thank you for ruining what little faith in humanity I had left.

Enjoy my iPod, you sack of shit. Happy fucking Thanksgiving.


Pitchit said...

Sorry Sweet Pie. People are douchebags.

Pitchit said...

So, you went on a long winded rant about how terrible people are when really, one of your kind heart'd co-workers, seeing that you had your head in your orifice, picked up your iPod for safe keeping and returned it to you promptly upon your return to work?
Life with you is an emotional roller coaster.

Clare said...

Nope. It was NOT kept for safe keeping.

She also refuses to tell me where she found it.