Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Life has kind of sucked balls lately. I've been doing some reevaluating, and I've decided this is not exactly how I expected my life to turn out. Working at a job that doesn't pay me enough when they do manage to pay me (15 days late last month!). A few less publishing credits than I'd like. A few more gray hairs than I'd like. A few less significant others than I'd like.

The significant other thing is more my own fault than anything. On the "nurturing and caring" scale, I rank somewhere between Hitler and animals that eat their own young. I doubt that will change anytime soon, so it takes a special kind of guy.

All of that is actually, now that I write it down, not that big of a deal. It's all shit that I am totally capable of changing. Which is why I work my ass off. Because I believe it won't always be this bad. I also believe that the Geico caveman is the worst advertising idea in the history of the world, but they continue to be on TV, so it's pretty obvious that I've been wrong before.

My birthday is coming up in exactly 7 days. I'm turning 27! Whee. The plan is the same I have for every year: go out with a few friends and anyone else who they decide to bring (I honest to God do not care who shows up as long as they aren't one of three people I will punch in the face on sight and aren't assholes). We will most likely go out for dinner somewhere (again, doesn't matter where, my favorite restaurant is in Iowa, and it takes a real bitch to make everyone drive to Iowa for your birthday).

Then we will go to the city*, where I will get so drunk one of two things will happen. I will either get drunk enough to think I am the hottest woman in the entire room...nay the entire city, or I will drink until I stop feeling feelings.

Either way, the night ends with my friends dumping my drunk ass off at my place and me waking up with no clue how I got there, or why I have a hickey there. The only thing that could make it better would be a concert where I got to punch someone in the face again.

*I was going to announce the name of the club, but for some personal safety reasons I decided against it. Read: Stalkers ruin the fun for everyone, good job.
However, if you want to know where we're going and want to stop in or tag a long, ping me at TweekerchickQC on AIM or on Gmail, and if you're not stalking me, I'll probably fill you in on the details. If not, that's a big hint that you're the asshole I'm talking about.

Anyway, fun link for Fun!
I give to you: Goths in Hot Weather.
It's exactly what it sounds like. People dressed like Goths in hot weather. Why it's amusing as it is, I can't tell you. But it is.


Bartski said...


I like to think of my stalking as a tribute to your wonderfulness. Can I help it if you ignore me and this is the only way I have of fulfilling my vast longing to be with you?

Clare said...

YOU i dont worry about. The aulds are pretty safe. I like to think I can outrun an old guy with a walker.

Bartski said...

Careful, missy. I just got one of those new Rascals with the extra flashy stabalizing wheels up front. I can turn on a dime now, sucka!

And I know you can't run very fast or very far with those chest pillows flopping around. It throws off your equilibrium!

Little Red said...

You are so delightful! I always laugh hysterically at your posts without fail... class. :)