Sunday, February 22, 2009

I know I've not been updating a lot. I suck ass sometimes.

Got laid off from my favorite job and that sucks major balls.

But I DID just sign on to start writing somewhere else.

Obviously, I'll still be posting here (if I ever remember, shit), but you can also get TweekerChick goodness over at

Bookmark it.


Bartski said...

I couldn't find any of your stuff on that tamethebear site. Were you just teasing?

Clare said...

Im there!

Look for "Clare".

Bartski said...

Holy Crapola. You're writing up a storm over there. How did I miss it last time? Crazy.

Are they paying enough to keep you in new bras and heels?

Clare said...

Heh. They will eventually.

They have to keep me pretty or i lose my novelty.