Saturday, January 03, 2009

I had a moment last night.

I was told at 11:00 AM on Friday that I had to work the entire weekend and I had to cancel my trip to Iowa to see my best friend.

Needless to say, this did not thrill me.

So I called my best friend to apologize. The conversation that followed was so hilarious that I actually wrote it down verbatim.

Clare: Hey Shawnie.
Shawn: Hey.
Clare: I am SO sorry but my boss is a giant fucking DILDO and I have to fucking work all fucking week...
Shawn: Clare.
Clare: I'm so sorr...
Shawn: CLARE. I'm in the middle of a toy store, and you're on speaker.



Tom said...

OMG. That's insanely hysterical. "you're on speaker" needs to be a punchline more often.

hallelujah said...

Wow, we used the same title in the same week, check it out (I'm not just spamming up your blog with links YO!

Scroll to the very bottom video of the post and look at the title.


hallelujah said...

oops here's the link, obvious sign of sleep deprivation.