Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tomorrow is going to rock so ridiculously hard.

I've been a reader of This Blog for quite awhile now. After a few emails back and forth I got to know the guy behind it (as well as you can between emails and the occasional IM).

So you can imagine my excitement when he said he's coming to Chicago for a Sox game. Do the Sox suck? Of course they do. But that means I get to meet up with one of the funniest guys on the planet.

Fucking score.

Like one of my friends said. "He's survived cancer, Clare. Don't you think he's suffered enough?".

If he wants to hang out with me, I think its obvious that the answer is "No."

Hopefully one of us gets a good story out of it. Both of us if we manage to stay out of the clink.


Benjamin Rubenstein said...

I can't believe bars close at 4. Thanks for hanging out, I had a lot of fun. Next time Cubbies.

Bartski said... ever gonna update this bitch and tell us about the shenanigans that went on that night, or what!?!

Dean said...

Holy shit. Waiting for you to update this is like watching the grass grow. My biological clock is ticking, damn it!

Bartski said...

You tell 'er, Dean!
But,'re a dude. The whole "biological clock" thing is something the chicks say.

But seriously. What's up with this, Clareski?

Dean said...

I'm not a fag. You're a fag!

Ha, that told you.

Oh, by the way, I wrote to the Internet and told it to cancel this account due to lack of activity. The Internet wrote me back and told me to get a life.