Monday, May 05, 2008

I think the majority of my friends back home have lost their minds. Seriously.

I woke up this morning to my friend D screeching into my cell phone. If history has told me anything, D being up early means one thing: She has done something stupid.

Now, she's one of my best friends and I feel comfortable calling her a dumb ass on the internet, because this is nothing I haven't said to her face regularly throughout our friendship. I love her, but if there is any possible way she can either break something or hurt herself, she will. It makes life interesting, and is the reason we don't allow her near fire.

But I digress.

She called me this morning shrieking like one of the girls on Flava of Love because her boyfriend proposed to her. As in, my clumsy, weird, irrefutably bitchy friend is getting married.

Part of me is really happy for her, the other part of me that is over protective is going "You've been with him less than 5 months." Being one of her best friends, I balls out told her that.

Her response? "Clare, it's one of those things you just know."

One of those things you just know. Says the girl who can barely keep from setting herself on fire when she goes on smoke breaks.

The thing is, I am happy for her. It's just strange. My best friend is a daddy. D is getting married. Other friends have careers. I'm just wondering when the hell we all grew up.

We've gone from tattoos, drugs, and keggers to careers, babies and marriage. It's not a bad thing, bit part of me misses the lack of responsibility.

Anyway, congrats D. May you make his life a living hell for many many years to come.

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Bartski said...

Warning, warning!

Five months is not long enough (unless the proposal is followed by a LONG engagement). No good can come of this...

Then again, I don't know your friend (or you, really, for that matter), so maybe I'm judging her unfairly based on my own experiences.

Then again, I've actually stuck it out for 12 years after being too-briefly engaged and too-hastily married.