Sunday, September 02, 2007

Wow. This blog actually has over 333 posts on it.

Which means that I definately don't update enough. But whatever. I'm tired.

Family stuff is a little bit crazy right now, and that's never a good time for anyone. It's been awhile since I was afraid to look at my bank account...and it looks like it's going to be one of those months. Things have been going pretty well, too. My traffic is through the roof, my new job is going well, but making ends meet is hard.

And my neighbors aren't helping.

It's not that they're rude. They aren't. They're actually quite nice. Very friendly people, with a 5 year old kid.

None of the running around bothers me, really. Kids are kids, they live above me, it's apartment life. Shit, even them getting busy in the middle of the night doesn't bug me. Yes, they are bigger people, and it's quite loud, but everyone needs some every now and then and who am I to judge? It's not like it's marathon sex.

So why am I tired?

Because they are above me, and their sweet darling little kid will play in the grass outside the apartment, that's fine.

He really is a cute little guy.

Who, whenever I am trying to sleep (Which is not often anymore) will decide that he doesn't want to walk up to the 3rd floor to talk to his parents, and will instead screech at the top of his little lungs. They will then open the balcony door and yell down at him.

For extended conversations.

In Spanish.

It is driving me batshit crazy. Seriously. Nothing is that important, and make that little fucker walk up to the apartment, he needs the exercise.

Once, I even got ballsy enough to ask him to not yell. He said, and I quote "No".

Never in my life have I been so tempted to throw something at a five year old.

There is nothing I can do to shut the little fucker up.

I suppose sleep is overrated anyway.

Clare: 0 Little Mexican 5 Year Old:1


Anonymous said...

Hrm. I'm trying to figure out how many sexual favors a paintball gun is worth if the paintballs REALLY sting.

Jonic said...

That's precisely the reason I carry a brick with me everywhere I go...

It's nothing a kick in the tear-duct won't fix, surely?

GregD said...

Just ask him politely if he knows what I.N.S. stands for...

Anonymous said...

Maybe a nice piece of candy laced with superglue??

Gindylow said...

Move to the room above them, have more sex, go tantric and vampiric, and leave your Mum's dog in the apartment next to a cage with a little rabbit in it. Sure to get him to bark all day long whilst you are out at work.

Alternatively borrow some seismic building testing equipment from someone in California, probably the San Andreas region. Shake them into submission. Be sure to leave the building during testing.

Or maybe just some nice pink fluffy Ear Muffs?

Anonymous said...

Music and headphones...If that dont work ...move! : ) 300Chrysler(Tony)