Saturday, May 26, 2007

I am a very, very angry monkey.

I finally got a new job (Woot!) but money is ridiculously tight right now.
So I scraped up just enough money for my electric bill.

You know, because I have a thing about sitting in the dark in the middle of the summer with no air conditioning.

I just spoke to the bitchiest woman alive who works at Com Ed. Apparently, I need another $200 that I don't have. Why? Because the person I originally spoke to was wrong.
When I asked her why the hell that person would tell me something that's not true, her only response is "I can't speak for anyone else who works here".

After getting huffy as fucking shit when I asked for a supervisor, she informed me that I'd have to wait until Tuesday.

I've never wanted to kick so many people's asses.

I make it a point to not yell at people for doing their jobs. I tend to be pretty good at directing my anger to the responsible parties.
And I rarely raise my voice.

This bitch had me fucking yelling. If I could reach through the phone and squeeze the life out of her, I fucking would have. I snapped my phone shut so hard that I broke part of it.

So In short:

Fuck you Com Ed. You suck. Your customer service is a bunch of incompetent assholes who are completely incapable of helping anyone, and you should be proud that they represent your company so wonderfully. I spend the majority of my day on the phone. I make it a point not to yell at people. So when you get me to a place where your "Customer Service Reps" ask me if they can do anything else for me and I almost reply "veer your car into oncoming traffic on the way home" there's a problem.

I can't wait to talk to the supervisor. I'm sure it'll smooth things over, if my past experiences with them tell me anything.



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Anonymous said...

you got a new job? thats pretty rockin there sis. would you like to hear about my new job? im a fucking JANITOR. the job you fear youll have when you dont do your homework in 3rd grade and whatever.

Albatross said...

Whoa, whoa, back up a second here. Who cares about your job and your electricity... weren't you dying of Zombie Hip a couple weeks ago!? I'm still waiting to hear how THAT turned out!