Monday, January 08, 2007

So, I just got off of a great conversation with Carlos Xuma.

At first, I thought the same thing you were all probably thinking. It's just another guy on the internet who is trying to get in my pants.

We had a great conversation, and you will most likely be seeing more of me around his site.

And about him wanting in my pants: he didn't outright say he did, but who could blame him?

My pants are cute.

And for all of you still wondering: I am still waiting on the scans from FHM.


Anonymous said...

Well, if I can't see more of you on my couch or in my bed, I will have to stick with a magazine or that cute pic you have on your profile.

Clare said...

If that is really your picture, you can see me anywhere you want.

Anonymous said...

Kewl blog.