Friday, June 09, 2006

Romance is dead and the internet killed it.

I'm almost positive.

I was clicking through my email, most of which was general bullshit from people who wanted to help me enlarge my penis, when I came across this little gem.

Subject: OMG.

you are so hot!! I want to strip you naked,

eat your pussy until you come all over my face,

stroke your black hair while you wrap your sweet mouth

around my dick, then spread you open,

push my dick into you and fuck you until we both cum.

Now, as nice as it is that people think of me, how romantic is that? I know that I'm a girl with somewhat questionable morals, but come on.
Don't I atleast deserve a first name, maybe dinner, before you start sending me random email about fucking me six ways from Sunday?

I guess that's one way to cut through the crap in relationships?
Cut straight through the shit and get down the bottom line.
And they say romance is dead.


Sean said...

Aw, hell.

I am so


sorry, I was really drunk when I sent that.

I swear


I just though dinner was a given, you know. I'd totally buy you dinner.

I'm sorry, I got a little

excited, ahead of myself.

Boy is my face red.

Umgawa said...

It's spam, honey. I got the same exact email.

Clare said...

I know. But this is the 7th email Ive gotten (Some of which werent spam) and it got me to thinkin.

LeisureSuitL said...

I can't count the number of times that girls write me, wanting to strip me naked and fuck the shit out of me.

Oh wait, I can...none.


JustSumDude said...

I wish someone would email me to tell me that I'm hot and offer to strip off my clothes and stroke my hair... but why would eating your pets bring you to orgasm on someone's face?

I would be much too sad to climax on someone's face if they were masticating a live feline... but that's just me, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

I would like to insert my penis into your vagina also. Is there some sort of mailing list we can subscribe to? It will make the whole email-for-anonymous-booty-call so much more effecient.

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