Saturday, April 01, 2006

Yea yea yea.
It's been awhile.

Instead of lying to y'all about where I've been (Hitting the books! Voulnteering with disabled minority children! Teaching Indonseian kids English from a hut!)

I've been doing the stupid things that seniors in college do. Like trying to get a job.
Getting suspended from the one I have (no fault of my own for once). And trying to avoid my landlord and all the people I owe money to. Basically, I've been trying to fix the fact that I am broke with a capital B and have no insurance anymore, which is a bad thing with my asthma. (Now is a good time to use my donate button if you are so inclined).

Here's to hoping people don't notice that I didn't pay them.

I had the worst job interview of my life.
I drove 4 hours or so both ways to meet with a man that I will refer to as Dickhead.
Dickhead doesn't even stand to shake my hand.


After talking with him, he tells me how qualified I am, and how brilliant I would be at this job.
"However, Clarissa, I would like to keep you as an administrative assistant".

Now, if I'm qualified for a job, and you are keeping me as a secretary, there had better be a good fuckin reason.
So I nicely ask him why.
"You look like you could make a damn good cup of coffee."

So not only am I broke, I spent $100,000 to get a bachelors degree so I can have a life making assholes coffee.


grey_fox24 said...

The little Indonesians miss you Clare.

Sean said...

That guys sounds like a stereotype.

It also sounds like he was thinking sexual harrasment thoughts but is just clever enough to change it to something else when he talks.

He also sounds like this is the sort of guy that would have secrets that you could discover and blackmail him about.

I'm trying to see the bright side.

Perhaps you shouldn't get a job with him?

Do you have a choice?

JustSumDude said...

That's some fucked up shit, right there. You should have told him what a shitty thing to say that was. Or kicked him in the crotch... or something.

Sorry things are sucky for you right now. Just try to keep a positive outlook. Things can't stay shitty forever.

I send you happy thoughts and wish you luck with the whole job thing. *thumbs up*

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