Friday, February 03, 2006

God smiled upon me and wrote me a check for the amount of my tuition. And life was good.
He even wrote the check with enough extra to cover my rent.
Life was super good.

So I took said check to Valley Bank and deposited it in my account, with my cosigner (who lives in Minnesota)'s signature.
Life is good, right?

The lovely people at Valley Bank yanked the entire deposit for pending purposes.
I got a shitty letter i the mail "We believe the check you deposited will not be paid for the following reasons: We are unable to verify the endorsement of a joint payee".

Well, fuckers, she lives in Minnesota, so it's going to be a little difficult now.
At the top of this nice little letter. "We are delaying the availability of $11,000 from the deposit described above. These funds will be available on the 11th business day after the day of your deposit".

11 days. I am waiting ELEVEN FUCKING DAYS for a check to clear.

Are they counting it out in pennies?

Meanwhile, I'm broke. (Like, in the negative numbers again).

Fuck you Valley Bank, fuck you a lot.


shirizaki said...

hey claire i'd help ya, but I have $6 to my name. If you want a burger, I can send you the money.

shirizaki said...

oh, and the 11 days is to find and verify the cosigner. Yes, it si alot of red tape. But when you have to verify God's signature, it takes around 11 days to verify it.

JustSumDude said...

I left a flaming bag of shit on your bank's doorstep.

They're going to totally step on it and get shit on their shoes! OLOLOOLLO!!!

PitchitWasHere said...

That is S.O.P. for banks.
Personal checks over a certain amount, business checks over a certain amount, they sit on them untill they clear the issuing bank.

Marian said...
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Marian said...


The bank does that to protect you. It is called Reg CC. You should work at a bank first before you start complaining.

JustSumDude said...

Fuck that. If she's poor, and has to wait for access to monies that she already deposited in her account, she has every right to complain. I don't see how working at a bank would make the situation suck any less... that's just silly.

Clare said...

I'm allowed to complain
When I can't afford my asthma meds and it takes 11 days to post a check from another bank, I'm allowed to bitch.
Last time they only held it for 4 days. I'm ok with that.
11? Excessive.

And the bank does it to protect themselves. Not me.

Edwardo said...

"The bank does that to protect you. It is called Reg CC. You should work at a bank first before you start complaining."

Fetching coffee doesn't count as 'working' at a bank. There is no reason for an 11 day wait to clear a check. She has every right to complain.

Anonymous said...

Dex works at a bank, have him help you out

Wombat said...

at least its only $11,000.

Janelle said...

Ewww, 11 days. That's ridiculous. Go to the Better Business Bureau and COMPLAIN!

Also, check out Commerce Bank! <3