Monday, June 20, 2005

I haven't been posting much. Not much to say. School has been kicking my ass all over the place.
let me tell you, summer classes aren't a joke at my institution of higher learning. The worst part about it are the presentations. I hate them. And I get the most depressing topics. Like the Holocaust. I'm a pretty decent public speaker, but for the love of god. Try lightening the mood when you talk about Auschwitz. It's not possible.
There's really no good way to win over an audience when you discuss the Holocaust.
"Hey! How bout that Hitler!"
Suprisingly, I pulled it off. I actually started a discussion about the Holocaust with a joke. A tasteful joke, but a joke. I rock all over the place.

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Sean said...

For someone who's not posting a lot, it seems to me that you're posting more than you usually do.

Not complaining.

But I am curious to know what a tasteful Holocaust related joke is.

I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with ashtrays.

I haven't had to public speak very much in my college career, but one of the few times I did I gave a speech on Notaries Public because I hated my audience and wanted them to suffer.

Also, you're not supposed to link that, it says so in the title.

Way to fail, he's totally trying to be incognito.


shirizaki said...

I link to that site anyways. I too am interested in this holocaust joke. I'm glad I haven't had to speak in college yet.

Clare said...

I have to speak around 3-4 times a term. It gets old.
The joke wasn't abuot the Holocaust directly, more about Hitler's balls. Or ball.
I rule like that.