Friday, July 20, 2012

Internet and Sodomy

Getting reliable internet in my new place has been nothing short of a nightmare.

Don't even get me started on Comcast and their bullshit. Apparently the person who lived in the place before me had service that wasn't disconnected so they couldn't install my service which didn't stop them from sending me a huge bill anyway. But I digress.

I sucked it up and went with AT&T.

Which is fine, because internet is internet, right?


It's so fucking slow I'd be better off if I tethered from my phone. That would be better than what I have now. Which is kind of unacceptable.

I got a bright shiny email from AT&T stating that I can see a video of my current bill.

Which I can only imagine is AT&T's way of saying "Check out this video of us forcibly sodomizing you and your bank account. But do it at work because our internet is too slow for you to do it at home".

I still don't get it. I work and live in Silicon Valley. I'm pretty sure they invented the internet here, how can it possibly be this hard?!

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Anonymous said...

ask them for a reach around while they are fisting you from behind. so comcast can't just start your service as of X/X/2012. that doesnt make much sense. Good luck Clare. Wish ya all the best.
Half Dead Dave