Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ugh. I haven't had a lot to blog about lately so I just haven't. Oh, and the not being paid on time ever resulting in my internet being cut off definitely put a crimp in things for awhile.

Then work sucked the life out of me for awhile. Nothing quite like almost being laid off, responding with "no, I don't think so", and managing to in the span of 24 hours become "a valuable part of the company".

I deserve a plaque for that. Apparently, it takes a serious set of brass testicles to look at someone who just told you that they didn't want to employ you anymore and say "No."

Extra points because they then asked if I would work part time. Again, I said "No, I don't think so."

Apparently, when other people get laid off, they actually do things like...leave.

The entire situation is giving me gray hair and it's making me more a bitchy, miserable person than I was before. Nothing says "Happy Tuesday" like going home, drinking three glasses of wine and sobbing hysterically to my poor, sweet ex boyfriend who made the mistake of calling me in the middle of it.

I say that's what he gets for calling me anyway. But he gets points, he did make me feel loads better.

In case you're wondering? Having to worry if today is the day they're going to lay you off sucks big huge donkey balls.

So does the fact that I am the only person on earth who can wind up with a streaky tan using gradual tanning lotion. I didn't think it was possible, but it is. Part of my leg is so white its blinding, and the 'gradual tan' the rest of me has sets it off beautifully.

Anyway, I have Internet at home now, so I'm back!

I know, I missed me too.


Jdarko said...

I admire your moxie, Clare.

Little Red said...

I missed your sharp and witty posts for a while there. I sneak a look during 9-5, helps ease the blandness of my day ;-)