Tuesday, December 30, 2008

So I'm at work, and the filing cabinet is locked.

No one seems to have a key to what is possibly the shittiest padlock I have ever seen. (I have luggage that is more secure, but I digress).

The CEO and head of marketing were arguing over OMG WHAT DO WE DO, and quite honestly it was throwing off my flow with this website I've been working on.

So I walked over there while they were arguing, picked the lock with one paperclip (It was that shitty of a lock) went back to my desk and started typing like nothing happened.

They were AMAZED by this display of talent (Seriously I didn't even have to bend the paper clip. I can pick a lock but this took absolutely no skill short of shoving a paperclip in and turning).

"Where did you learn that?!" Well, my parents locked up the booze when I was younger, and people put far too much faith in padlocks.

I don't know what got into me, but my response was "My cellmate taught me".

He does not think I am funny.


Mahala said...

When I worked as a teller, someone accidentally locked the keys to the vault and the filing cabinet.. IN the filing cabinet. Everyone was astounded (and a little afraid, I was the new girl) when I popped the lock on the filing cabinet and went back to my window like nothing had happened. I wish I had thought of the cellmate response.. that's classic!

Gekko said...

Okay, this story just cracked me up for real! Keep going!