Monday, July 30, 2007

Apparently, Stephen Colbert mentioned Netscape on the Colbert Report the other day. It was a real brief blurb, but I'm super excited for one really simple reason.

It means that Stephen Colbert and I have been on the same website.

Potentially at the same time.

Now, bear with me. This is important.

This means we could potentially vote, or comment on the same story.
At some point, Stephen Colbert is going to check who commented on his comments, and he's going to see me. My smiling face. And my BRILLIANT prose is going to win him over. He will fall head over heels for me after he sees what amazing insights I have.

Sadly, it won't work out when I develop a deep love for his coworker Jon, and we eventually run away to Barbados and I spend my time writing for an obscene amount of money while laying on the beach in a bikini I miraculously became thin enough to wear.


Best. News. Evar.


Chris said...

Hello Tweeker,

I enjoy your blogs, but not enough of them here of late so get to work!!! Love Ya!

Simply Bananas said...

I just found this blog, I liked your writing style,keep it up