Wednesday, August 11, 2004

It's been a pretty eventful couple of days. I'm getting my apartment ready for Chris to visit (if he still is, haven't heard from him). Which entails a few things. Picking up all of the underwear I leave strewn across the apartment and vacuuming. No biggie. I felt the need to start a few of my projects, you know, that list everyone has of shit they would do if they had all sorts of time. Mine was painting the insides of my cabinets white. So I got started. Turned on my rickety old fan, got me a few cans of spray paint, and had myself a hay day.
Until my doorbell rang.
I walked downstairs, white powdery paint across my nose, to see two cops standing there. Apparently, the neighbors had called the cops. Complaining of my odd hours, chemical smell, and unusual noises. I let them up to look around (yes, without a search warrant. Spare me the legalities, I'm not doing anything wrong). Finally Barney Fife looked at me and announced "The unusual noise is from your fan, the chemical smell from your spray paint, but what about your weird hours?" "I'm in college, and I work 64 hours a week with children".
He looked at me, smiled and said "Well, your paint looks nice" and left.
It was then I noticed the white paint all over my nose.
Thank god the paint was still wet, I would've had a lot of explaining to do.

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