Monday, September 25, 2006

Yea, it's been a long time.
Alot has changed since the last post.

I now live in Bensenville Illinois. I actually got a real grown up job. Shocking, considering that Im me and I pretty much thought that it would never ever happen.

Im now one of those monkies working at Its a good feeling. Eventually, Capital one, Providian, all the rest will no longer own my soul.

For the time being, Im starving to death and missing home something awful.

Bad Things:
Im hungry.
Im lonely.
I miss home.
Im up to my ass in credit card debt.

Good Things:
I got a job that doesn't suck or consist of selling knives door to door.
Im so much closer to my heterolifemate that its awesome. Its like the Chicagoland equivalent of living down the street from her. Its fuckin sweet.
I have an awesome apartment with air conditioning. It's huge.

In a nutshell: I work at a website that doesn't require me to have a webcam and low inhibitions, I have a nice apartment, and Im starving to death.

Life is good.