Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I am on strike.
I was going through my comments, and I see:
The Man of your Dreams said...

7:06 PM

However, he hasn't updated since March 3rd.
I'm on strike until I get an update, an email or a call.
And I was gonna post pictures of the beercan boat, and the bitching party.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

It's finals. I'm far too fucked to recall the bitching party (And by bitching I mean it ended at 6:10 AM).
So until I'm not swamped with shit to do, here's another reason that my friends and I are bad people.
HLM: I stole Veleveta shells and cheese from the hungry.
HLM: I'm so going to hell.
TweekerChickQC: We are in college and broke.
TweekerChickQC: Technically we are the hungry.
HLM: Jimmy yelled at me. I was like I SPENT ALL MY MONEY ON BOOZE YOU DRANK!
HLM: He's like.... carry on...
TweekerchickQC: Gotta love his sense of responsibility.
HLM: He tries to be a good little catholic republican
TweekerChickQC: While allowing his boss to steal from the hungry.
HLM: Like I said, he's a republican.
TweekerChickQC: So if you want to be techincal about it, he's doing a great job.